Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Jacket Review: Thunderbird O'Connor

I was looking through used paperbacks when I happened upon this gem. Attracted by the cover art of a Heman meets Fabio wielding magical control over sea creatures, then pulled in by the captivating, classic book-setup description, I was soon pleased with the absurd new age mysticism and simultaneously happy with the author's choice in naming a character Thunderbird O'Connor. Is this not a secret comedy in disguise? Could it be so bad it's good? Unfortunately, I'll never know.
The book jacket reads: "In the year 2024, in the shining New World capital of North America's independent Indian tribes, three extraordinary young people are brought together by a series of bizarre events: Kevin Mauney, who travels halfway across the globe to deliver a cryptic, troubling message . . . Kevin's estranged sister Carolyn, who dies and is miraculously reborn while investigating the unexplained murder/mutilation of scores of intelligent sea mammals . . . and a Cherokee diplomat/traditional dancer named Thunderbird O'Connor, who stumbles into a nightmare one evening on a secluded Mexican beach. A shared destiny unites the three here where the fate of civilization will ultimately be decided--for each has a unique role to play in the resolution of a multi-species conspiracy that predates humankind. And here, where the upper and lower skies meet, three unlikely warriors must now prepare to do magical battle--in order to defeat with the power of the word, faith and song a terror that has risen up from the ocean's depths to walk the world of men." Above the Lower Sky Paperback

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