Monday, September 27, 2010

Meat-tastic: Bourdain in Uruguay

Arizmendi's Pizza vs Meat Apocalypse

Arizmendi, Oakland, CA.
I usually like my pizza with meaty piles dropped over an assortment of meat, topped with more meat and drenched in rivers of grease, fat and cheese--a combination that evokes taste explosions, and summons the spirit of Anthony Bourdain. If there is even the accidental quarter chopped olive sliver, perhaps a remnant from a lazily unclean pizza cutter, I will chuck it to the pigeons.

The only exception to my heart-wrenchingly yumtastic pizza preference is Arizmendi. The little bakery that makes pizza with absolutely no meat. I tried their fennel, yellow onion, goat cheese pizza with lightly oiled arugula. And it was really, really good. The crust is crunchy, flaky and savory, and the ingredients are always fresh. It makes a great detour from my usual carnage filled meat apocalypse, and it's well priced.
Here's to the only pizza worth having with veggies.

Arizmendi's Pizza

Björk possible inspiration for Splice's Dren?

I was researching one-shot music videos and came across Björk's "Hunter" (1998). I was immediately struck by the creeptastic physicality and baldness. It is almost impossible for this video NOT to have been the inspiration for Vincenzo Natali's character Dren in his film "Splice" (2009)--one of the best worst movies ever made. If it wasn't direct inspiration, then perhaps some psychic creative link exists between Natali and Björk with an eleven-year delay?

Either way, "Splice" is a fantastic unintentional sci-fi comedy. And as for Björk's "Hunter," it is just kind of creepy... Is there some creative connection between this hairless singer and a bald mutant? You decide: