Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lost Film Rolls

I captured these photographs at age nine with the first camera I ever owned, a Kodak Advantix. Recently, I found four old rolls of film that had never been developed. One, this Kodak TMY T-max 400 roll, had these three shots on it. I got the prints made with an optical black and white machine.

I don't remember taking them. But seeing them is like looking at a personal time capsule of places I remember visiting and of perspectives I maybe held as a child.

Early Photos 1990s: After Storm
(Scanner: HP Photosmart C6350, 900dpi; Place: New Brighton Beach, Capitola, CA; Date: Circa 1992)

Early Photos 1990s: Fog Through Valley
(Scanner: HP Photosmart C6350, 900dpi; Place: Santa Cruz Mountains, CA; Date: Circa 1992)

Early Photos 1990s: Cloud Bank
(Scanner: HP Photosmart C6350, 900dpi; Place: Capitola, CA; Date: Circa 1992)

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