Sunday, May 1, 2011

PSA included on Climate Change Channel

My PSA, "Educate Our Forests," was added to the Vimeo channel "Climate Change."

If you are familiar with my PSA, my work in general, and my personality, you'll understand that this is a milestone in my video making career.

The organization I made it for (the Educate Our Forests Foundation) will be ecstatic with this news. They generally find any type of approval valuable, because their fight for legitimacy (even among other nonprofit organizations) has been a fearsome uphill battle. It is a disturbing fact that the majority of Americans do not believe trees are sentient, and therefore, sadly, do not approve of their university education.

My eternal gratitude and special thanks to "Eyes of Truth" for creating the Climate Change channel on Vimeo and helping to validate not only my hard work, but that of the Educate Our Forests Foundation.

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